Welcome to UNDRGRND 

We are an intentional Christian  community and we openly welcome everyone here. We are committed to God, God's work, and all God’s creation. We are dedicated to giving as we receive. We believe there is unity in things that are both common and different among us. We practice empathy and radical love as often as possible as we acknowledge our imperfections. We believe Jesus’ greatest commandment is to Love God and Love People. We hope you find the love, strength, acceptance, and courage you need here.

This organization is 501(c)(3) 
tax-exempt through the State of Georgia.

Saturday Gatherings at 11am

Join Us Online Weekly

Click the "Go UNDRGRND" button at the top right of this page to attend worship. See you soon.

From Our Founder

Welcome to UNDRGRND!  I'm Aric B. Flemming, Jr. and I serve as curator and founder of this space, UNDRGRND Church. With UNDRGRND, we are creating an inclusive virtual worship space for ALL people. We welcome clergy, laypersons, non-Christian, non-religious, atheists, queer, disenfranchised, a-political, and other communities particularly noticed in the United States. As such, our community encompasses a wide array of theological backgrounds.

However, this space is one that fosters wrestling with those complexities and encourages inter-communal dialogue and conversation through narrative. We read the bible responsibly in pursuit of its wisdom for the days to come. We do not condemn anyone but are committed to actively assessing and reassessing how we might best serve the people of this virtual faith community and the world abroad. We invite you to join us in the mission to serve the world through gathering and giving!

Rev. Aric B. Flemming Jr., MDiv


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